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Open Source

The open money platform is an open-source project created by the open money development group. If you feel called to participate on any level--be it coding, web-site design, graphic arts, currency design, improving the clarity and power of our written materials, please sign up on our social network site or send e-mail to: play -at- openmoney.info

Open Play

Members of the open money development group use what we call the open play process to keep track our contributions to the project. The open-source model for collaborative effort has the key benefit of keeping its results in the commons. But open-source projects suffer from the problem of effectively acknowledging wealth contributions to the project, and thus rely on combinations of subsidy and volunteer effort. We designed the open play process to retain the benefits of the open-source model while providing a way investment of effort can be "paid back" if the project succeeds.

The open play process enables community members to make plays that invest their efforts in the growth of wealth of a community. It supports, accounts for, and sustains the circulation and growth of community wealth. It allows transactions to be assessed and accounted for at all levels of wealth individually or collectively.

The open play process uses our own open money infrastructure, creating a number of currencies to acknowledge contributions of all types of wealth to the project, be they time, money, hosting-space, skills, whatever.

Details on the open play process.