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The open money platform consists of three components:

  1. a distributed mesh of linked entities
  2. an event "churn" that generates the mesh
  3. a currency specification language

For more details read a technical overview.

Software Development

We are hard at work on a reference server that implements REST based access to the mesh & churn, as a well as a client that accesses it. Both are open source ruby on rails apps hosted on github.

You can play with this reference system at omclient.heroku.com

Facebook and Second-life clients are planned next, and sms, asterisk, smart-cards, and more after that...

Related Projects

As a prototyping effort we developed a Perl based system to try out an interface and implement the core open money ideas. Development on this package has been superseded by the new rails server and upcoming clients. You can play with this system at alpha.openmoney.info

Geoff Chesshire's Regenerosity is an actively developed, php based, distributed client/server system, that implements open money concepts and much more, and is planned to be compatible with the open money architecture as it gets fully specified.

Another Perl based package that implements many open money ideas is Hugh Barnard's cc-lite.

Open Source

All our work is open source. If you want to participate, join us.